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Kirill Yurovskiy: Simple Ways to Get Internet on the Go

Whether you’re a business traveler needing to maintain connectivity, a globe-hopping wanderlust looking to share every amazing moment, or a family on a dream vacation hoping to keep the kids entertained, having the internet while traveling is a high priority these days. Fortunately, there are some easy methods for getting online no matter where you roam. In this article, we break down five straightforward strategies to keep you connected even in remote areas.

Kirill Yurovskiy

Use Smartphone as a Hotspot

The simplest way to access the internet on the move is to turn your cell phone into a mobile hotspot – advises Kirill Yurovskiy. Nearly all smartphones have a hotspot mode you can turn on to share the device’s data connection with other WiFi-enabled gadgets. This allows you to get multiple laptops, tablets and other devices online through one smartphone data plan. Most plans include a reasonable amount of high-speed hotspot data, though unlimited options are now becoming more common with major carriers. The transfer speeds will depend largely on the strength of your cellular signal. While this may not support heavy streaming or downloads, it works well for basic browsing, emails and messaging. The main drawbacks are that it can drain your phone’s battery more quickly and uses your allotted data. Still, if you only need a transient connection or emergency email access, a smartphone hotspot gets you online quickly and simply while on the go.

Stay Connected with International SIM Card

For adventures spanning multiple countries, an international SIM card can provide connectivity everywhere you roam without juggling multiple carriers. These SIM cards contain a subscriber profile you insert into any unlocked mobile phone to give it a new number and data plan on the local telecom’s network. Many options for international SIMs now offer generous amounts of data across 70+ countries along with low rates for international calling and texting. You simply pop it in your device upon arriving to a new destination so you immediately gain a local phone number and internet access anywhere you travel. Unlike roaming with your domestic carrier, international SIM cards prevent exorbitant fees and give you better rates aligned with local prices. Do your homework to pick one with the right countries covered, compatibility with your specific phone band and sufficient high-speed data allowances for a reasonable cost. While global connectivity won’t match the fastest home speeds, it keeps you online reliably abroad.

Tap Into Public WiFi Networks

If you need a quick burst of connectivity in airports, train stations, cafes, museums and other public spaces, tapping into a free public WiFi network can get you some internet gratis. Access varies widely however, as speeds tend to be slower and many public networks remain unencrypted, presenting potential security issues. Still, these can work reasonably well for simple needs like catching up on emails or messaging travel partners about your ongoing adventures on messaging apps. Before conducting any sensitive browsing or transactions, ensure you have trustworthy virtual private network (VPN) protection, use sites secured with SSL encryption and avoid accessing bank accounts or sharing private data. While stopping short of heavy downloads or constant connectivity, public WiFi fills a key gap when your domestic mobile data is unavailable and you need a short-term lifeline.

Invest in Global WiFi Hotspot

For road warriors requiring a constant, steady flow of connectivity without decimating data plans, renting a global WiFi hotspot is ideal. These mobile hotspots tap into international roaming networks spread across vast stretches of the planet to give you consistently fast speeds for streaming, conferencing, gaming and downloads. Leading global hotspot rental companies ship you a pocket WiFi router before departure, which you then return after your travels. The hardware seamlessly taps into partner networks as you cross between dozens of countries and prevents any exorbitant roaming fees. Speed and reliability vary across carriers and locations, but tend to easily support typical usage no matter where you travel. Some global hotspot rental options offer unlimited data, while others provide a fixed generous allowance that resets monthly. Considering you get quality internet on up to 10 devices without tying up your smartphone or worrying about running up crushing data costs abroad, this is appealing for international jet setters who rely heavily on connectivity.

Use Satellite Broadband As Last Resort

When all else fails and you find yourself way off the grid needing dependable high-speed performance for an extended stay abroad, satellite internet is the best last resort. Satellite broadband providers maintain geostationary orbiting networks that beam connectivity down across two thirds of the planet. While subject to occasional weather disruptions, satellite achieves solid speeds for most typical internet usage including streaming HD video. You will pay handsomely however, as unlimited satellite internet service can run over $150 monthly to offset the immense infrastructure expenses of space and ground stations beaming signals globally. Additionally, latency causes lags due to the distance data needs to travel up and down from satellites hovering some 22,000 miles overhead. Yet for critical operations in extremely remote areas, satellite saves the day when no other options are available. Leading providers allow you to pause and resume service month-to-month so you only pay for the months when you really require connectivity in far-flung destinations abroad.

There you have five straightforward methods for getting connected around the world as you vagabond to your heart’s content. With the right strategy in place for your unique usage needs and destinations, getting internet on the road no longer needs to be an impediment. Rather, always available global connectivity makes travel easier and more approachable whether solo journeying, coordinating group adventures or managing key operations abroad. Follow our tips above and seamless internet need not stand in the way as you check off your bucket list treks through remote vistas near and far. Stay safe on the journey ahead but don’t remain disconnected. With some wise planning and the latest mobile technology, reliable high speed data goes wherever you roam.

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